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One of the other largest files websites out there is Jason Scott's: here is a direct link to the downloads:

If your interested in the former eSoft product  Tbbs (The Bread Board System) there used to be a website at  There were many Tbbs sysops, former sysops and files there.  I got lucky and someone had made a copy of the downloads at a website called

Here is the tbbs support forum  Here is the main file archive and a internet tbbs setup.

If your interested in the former eSoft product the IPAD please try: IpadOwners

If you want an open-source, free replacement for FrontPage or Dreamweaver please try:

If you want an open-source, free replacement for Microsoft's Office Suite please try:

An alternate to Windows OS's, the Novell supported version of Linux:

OR you can get the open source (free) version: opensuse for a download.

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One of the things I  need is help in  is re-designing the brower-based download system. I would like it to re-semble the Tbbs download interface complete with the same kind of search facilities.  Yes, this is going to be a problem.  I have over 7,000 sub-directories to link to and index.

Seattle CPA and QuickBooks help guru Stephen L. Nelson has written more than a 150 books about computers, business software and accounting. He's allowed us to give away for free the following e-books and e-documents. These are the companion spreadsheets from: Mba's Guide to Microsoft Office XP: The Essential Office Reference for Business Professionals PROFTVOL.XLS , CASHFLOW.XLS and: BIZPLAN.XLS

An alternate to Windows OS's: Xandros desktop OS was linspire  provides an OS that can run windows applications using  Linux

Excellent commercial cd-rom website: